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speak outThe Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma graduated its first SPEAK OUT!®  Oklahoma Class in March of 2012.  The graduates are now participating in the LOUD Crowd right here at the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma Offices in Oklahoma City and at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa!

About the Program

Part 1

SPEAK OUT!®  is an intensive voice program developed by Parkinson Voice Project and brought to Oklahoma by the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma.  The program is based on the teachings of Dr. Daniel R. Boone, a speech-language pathologist who has treated Parkinson’s patients since the mid-1950s.  Dr. Boone stresses the importance of projecting one’s voice and “speaking with intent” in order to improve overall communication.  SPEAK OUT! includes a combination of individual and group voice sessions provided over 4-5 weeks by a speech-language pathologist.  Patients learn to “speak with intent” and “speak louder” while completing exercises that not only strengthen the entire speech and swallowing mechanisms, but also address cognitive challenges experienced by many individual with Parkinson’s.

Part 2

The LOUD Crowd ®
Upon completion of the SPEAK OUT! Speech program, each patient enters the maintenance phase of Parkinson Voice Project’s comprehensive program and becomes a member of “The LOUD Crowd.” Since Parkinson’s is a progressive disease, maintaining one’s voice and swallowing abilities is an ongoing challenge. The LOUD Crowd provides support, encouragement, and continued care from a professional staff. Patients who participate in The LOUD Crowd have been shown to maintain their improved voices for several years.


Oklahoma City

Contact our office at 405-810-0695 or info@parkinsonoklahoma.com for specific information on starting the program.

Integris Jim Thorpe Outpatient Rehabilitation
Various locations throughout Oklahoma City
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Contact our office at 918-877-2704 or tulsa@parkinsonoklahoma.com for specific information on starting the program.

St. John Medical Center Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic
1819 E. 19th St, Tulsa OK 74104
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