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Bruce McIntyre serves as the Executive Director of the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma. As the author of Thrive Anyway, Parkinson Positive, Graceful Transitions, and Resilient Life, Bruce shares his expert guidance and warm humor with thousands of people each year. As a caregiver for his wife for the past 12 years, Bruce understands the world of chronic illness and caregiving. He has led the Caregiver Fundamentals Project in Oklahoma City and served caregivers as a business, church, and non-profit leader.

Rob Rooker Receives the Jim Keating Award

The Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma recently awarded Rob Rooker its annual Jim Keating Award for his service and leadership for the Parkinson’s community in Southwestern Oklahoma. Rob voluntarily led the first Lawton Parkinson’s Rally Walk & 5k. Following this success, the Foundation hired Rob part time as its Southwestern Oklahoma Director. Since this time, Rob […]

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Bruce McIntyre Awarded Visionary Caregiving Award

Bruce McIntyre, Edmond resident and Executive Director ofthe Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma, was recently awarded the VisionaryCaregiving Award in Chicago at the National Caregiving Conference.  As a caregiver for his wife for the past 14 years, Bruce is also the author of ThriveAnyway: 12 Lessons After 12 Years of Chronic Illness and Caregiving, ParkinsonPositive with […]

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What Parkinson’s People Are Doing: James York

When diagnosed with an illness, a person can react in many different ways.  When James York received the news in August of 2011 at the age of 58 that he had Parkinson’s, he made the decision to remain positive.  Like anyone, bad days do come, but James says he has a way of refocusing himself.   […]

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Thrive Anyway!

For Anyone Facing Adversity

You are living with two parallel realities, two parallel truths.

Part of your experience in caregiving and living with a difficult condition is frustrating, maddening, depressing, and difficult. But this is not the only reality.

At the same time, you may also experience beauty, love, peace, kindness, and courage. Easily, you will notice the […]

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