2021 Parkinson's Blitz

This fall, we are in person as we embark on our annual Parkinson Oklahoma Blitz! This year, you will have the opportunity to engage with one of our many education sessions.

Upcoming Schedule of Events

  • Tuesday, Oct 13 at 7pm with Dr. Kenneth Jackson speaking on “Is my dizziness connected to my PD? A close look at Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension.”

  • Thursday, Oct 15 at 7pm with Dr. Conner on “Deep Brain Stimulation”

  • Thursday, Oct 22 at 7pm with Dr. K speaking on “Your Journey with Parkinson’s Disease”  

  • Tuesday,, Oct 27 at 6pm with Dr. K speaking on “Movement Problems in Parkinson’s Disease.”

  • Thursday, Oct 29 at 12pm with Dr. K speaking on “Managing the Return of Parkinson’s Symptoms with a Unique Treatment.”

  • Thursday, Nov 5 at 7pm with Dr. Klos speaking on “You are a Better Parkinson’s Disease Caregiver Than You Think: What Every Caregiver Should Know”

  • Thursday, November 19 at 6pm with Dr. Klos speaking on “Parkinson’s Disease Research: An Update”