Bruce McIntyre, Edmond resident and Executive Director ofthe Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma, was recently awarded the VisionaryCaregiving Award in Chicago at the National Caregiving Conference.  As a caregiver for his wife for the past 14 years, Bruce is also the author of ThriveAnyway: 12 Lessons After 12 Years of Chronic Illness and Caregiving, ParkinsonPositive with Jerry Gill, GracefulTransitions, and Resilient Life.  He speaks regularly at churches and conferences.

Other recipients of the award included: Shelia Warnock of Share the Care based in New York, Bev Foster of Room 21 out of Toronto, Amanda Singleton, the Caregiver Lawyer from Tampa and Priya Soni of the Caregiving Effect from New York.

“Bruce has a unique gift for inspiring and guiding family caregivers through the adversity of unexpected illness and stress,” according to Denise Brown, founder of

The Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma hosts annual Caregiver Appreciation Luncheons in Oklahoma City and Tulsa as well as Caregiver Appreciation days and leads a monthly caregiver support group in Oklahoma City.

The Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma (PFO) works to inspire hope and transform life for Parkinson’s patients and families in Oklahoma. Primarily, the PFO accomplishes this purpose through support, education, and effective therapy and exercise.

Currently, the PFO coordinates 28 support groups and reaches over 1500 people each year through educational events across Oklahoma. The PFO also provides, subsidizes, or promotes 26 Parkinson-specific exercise and therapy groups as well as 16 LOUD® Crowds to help Parkinson’s patients with speech and swallowing issues. In addition, the PFO has partnered with OU, OSU, UCO and the Michael J. Fox Foundation to further research.

From left Bruce McIntyre, Denise Brown of
From left Sheila Warnock, Bev Foster, Bruce McIntyre, Amanda Singleton, Priya Soni