1. Safety and Rationale. Since 90% of the people we serve are over 65 and live with at least the underlying health condition of Parkinson’s, we recommend waiting until further guidance to reopen support groups and LOUD Crowds®. Under state guidelines from Open Up and Recover Safely Phase 3, “If you are over 65 or part of a vulnerable population, continue following safer-at-home policies.
  • Video Opportunities. For now, we encourage you to engage in voice, exercise, support, and education in one of these ways:
  • Check out our video resources for exercise and LOUD Crowd® at www.ParkinsonOklahoma.com/videos.
    • Connect via video conferencing for live groups.
    • Request a free DVD of several LOUD Crowds, exercise, and education sessions.
  • Parkinson’s Rally Walks & 5ks. All of our annual Parkinson’s Rally Walks & 5ks in Oklahoma have been rescheduled. Click here to register or donate to any of these events.
  • OKC, August 15th
    • McAlester, August 29th
    • Lawton, September 12th
    • Tulsa, September 27th