1. Safety and Rationale. Since 90% of the people we serve are over 65 and live with at least the underlying health condition of Parkinson’s, we strongly recommend that Parkinson’s patients and caregivers receive the vaccine and continue taking precautions by wearing masks, maintaining distance of 6 feet or more, and being diligent about hand washing.
  • Hybrid Events. Beginning May 15, 2021, we will offer hybrid events when possible. This means that people can continue to attend virtually and a limited number of people can attend in-person. This guidance will apply to support groups, LOUD Crowds®, educational events and exercise classes.

Hybrid Events will encourage the use of masks as well as spacing of 6 feet or more between people. With sanitizer always available, we encourage diligence with hand washing.

  • Parkinson’s Rally Walks. All of our annual Parkinson’s Rally Walk in Oklahoma plan to proceed in outdoor spaces and encouraging the use of masks, 6 feet spacing, and hand washing. You may also participate virtually in any of these events by registering and raising funds as you normally would, but sending pictures or videos to your walk leaders to share.
  • Lawton, May 22nd
    • Tulsa, June 6th
    • OKC, June 12th
    • McAlester, TBA in September