We are not defined by just one moment in our life, but we certainly remember milestones that change the course of our lives.  For Kevin Nicolin this was when he mentioned a tremor he had to his family practice physician 4 ½ years ago and was later diagnosed with Parkinson’s by a neurologist.  He states ”the rest is rock and roll and having a positive outlook on life will help you deal with life’s twists and turns.”  

Kevin and his wife Carol have been married for 46 years and have been blessed with 2 children and 4 grandchildren.  He considers Carol his biggest supporter and says she is a great encourager, she keeps him accountable for his diet, medication and his attendance to the Loud Crowd.   His church’s small group, staff and Elder Council pray for him and that has also made a huge impact in his life.

Kevin has spent his life serving others.  After attending the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, he served our country for 20 years as a member of the U.S. Navy.  He retired in 1991 as a Commander.  Kevin has also served his community as an Elder and Executive Pastor for Henderson Hills Baptist Church.  He accepted God’s calling to this position in 1998 and retired on February 1 after 22 years.  He is proud of his time at the church and feels God blessed him and his family.

For most people, Covid has changed the routine of daily activities.  Pre-Covid, Kevin was attending an exercise class 4 days a week and the Loud Crowd.  He has continued to faithfully be a part of the zoom Loud Crowds and appreciates Tiffany’s leadership.  He has not allowed Covid to slow him down but has taken the necessary precautions to ensure he keeps himself and his family safe.  He prays for God’s protection. 

Kevin chose to have his DBS surgery during Covid which has made a profound difference in his condition.  He encourages anyone who is a candidate to have the surgery as soon as possible, when it will be most effective.  His advice is “have a long view of the potential results, rather than a short-term view of the discomfort.”

When asked what advice he has for a newly diagnosed person, he said, “ The key to fighting Parkinson’s successfully is to make wise decisions which can go further in dealing with the symptoms and take those actions as early as possible following diagnosis.  The Parkinson’s Foundation of Oklahoma is doing a fantastic job.  A Parkinson’s patient would be wise to plug into their programs which fit them as quickly as possible following their diagnosis.  My hat is off to Bruce for his incredible leadership.”

Having a disease such as Parkinson’s will change anyone.  Kevin’s outlook on life is a positive one.  Since his diagnosis he feels he is more humble and dependent on God.  His prayer life has improved, and now has the opportunity to pray for others with Parkinson’s.  Kevin is definitely a man you want to spend time with and having praying for you.